El Cerro De Las Cuevas Mountain, Trinidad



Thursday 10th november



Meeting time is at 3:00pm

Meeting place is at the vacant WASA's empty land, opposite Clem's residence


We will be taking our usual walk uphill Saut D'Eau Road. We then veer onto "Beau Pres Road" and trek at the corner of "Caco Trace", we take the opposite trace known as "Fatima Trace" that will lead us back to Saut D'eau Road. From here, we head on to "Morne Espoire Road", we then head on up "Heart Attack Hill" that will eventually lead us to the well known "Paramin Cave" where we relax a bit for a short time. From the cave, we head on through the gardens here that will eventually lead us to "Balata Trace" and back on to Saut D'eau Road. We trek onward to "Jan Road" which we take and trek until the road comes at an end and then we turn back and proceed back to Saut D'eau Road. Once we are back on to the main road and there is still sufficient light, we will make a brief stop at the top of "Morne Vigie" and from there, we walk all the way back downhill on Saut D'eau Road back to our parked vehicles. 


As soon as you officially register for your event, an exclusive "Whats-app" group will be created for the participants where further details will be relayed.


Everyone will be thoroughly guided so all will go smoothly. At the conclusion, all photos specific to  the event will be shared solely with this group. The chat group will be dissolved thereafter.

NTITT will be conducting some paid fitness events time and time again. It is vitally important to know that you MUST be an active CLP member to partake in any event as some of these events will be quite grueling and we must know each and everybody's physical condition.

Hiking is fun, but Hiking is also serious business as far as fitness is concerned.