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Thursday 28th April 2022  


Sunday 1st May2022

Tobago may be small in size but it packs a unique pocket of culture, wildlife and coastal landscapes, all best admired on foot.

Over the course of this four-day adventure, you’ll visit breathtaking beaches, see authentic everyday life in Tobago, explore popular as well as hidden trails, sail, visit a side of Tobago’s history and indulge in local cuisine. You’ll return home with endless stories and memories to last a lifetime.




We’ll meet at the A.N.R. Robinson International Airport and head straight to Tobago’s renowned Naturalist Beach Resort ideally nestled in Castara. For persons opting to reach Tobago by the Inter-Island Ferry, we’ll meet at the Naturalist Beach Resort.

Once you are checked in at the Naturalist, relax at the scenic Castara Beach, soak in the warmth of Castara, and indulge in its local cuisine such as its famous “Dirt Oven Bread”.


Don’t’ forget to leave room for dinner at the Naturalist, served between 7.00pm – 9.00pm.


Lentil Peas,  Rice, Pasta, Salad, Steam Vegetables, Baked Fish/Chicken, Fresh Salad


On the next day, we start off with the Naturalist’s renowned buffet breakfast  at 6.30am – 8.30am.


We depart at 9.00 am sharp and head to Charlotteville taking the scenic North Side Road through the culturally rich L’Anse Formi Village. It’s a paradise for adventurers as . . .

We Stop off at Fort Cambledon and immerse ourselves in the stunning view of the Caribbean Sea. Admire the majestic beauty of Charlotteville, trek to her idyllic jetty.

From her jetty we stroll to the “the Steps” which leads to the picturesque Pirates Bay. Pending sea conditions, we sail to the renowned St. Giles Island and London Bridge. We sail further to “Lovers Bay” locally known as “Pink Sands Bay”.

It only gets better when we stop off at the little known, “Waterfall Bay”. The water here is majestic, the swimming, excellent. A short trek from this stop leads us to one of Tobago’s most breathtaking waterfall, observe its waters tumbling  into the ocean.

Enjoy a soothing trip back to the Naturalist as we take the Boat from Charlotteville. Enjoy the charming view of Tobago’s coastal landscape and secluded beaches all blanketed by the cool Caribbean breeze.

Spend the afternoon in sheer tranquility at the Naturalist. Don’t forget dinner is served at between 7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Buffet breakfast served from 6:30am until 8:30am. 


Green Fig/Banana Pie, Vegetable Pasta, Grilled Chicken/Fish




Carrot Rice, Coo Coo, Callaloo, Stewed Chicken/Fish, Potato Salad, Fresh Salad


The first stop after indulging in the Naturalist’s hearty buffet breakfast at 6.30am-8.30am, starts with our 9.00am departure.


We head for the little known “Lammy Waterfalls" and then to the fabulous “Kings Bay Waterfalls”. Our journey takes us further to Speyside where we stop off for lunch at the popular “Birdwatchers Restaurant”.

After lunch, the wows just keep coming as we board our waiting vessel to sail out to the very private “Indian Bay”, known for its gorgeous stretch of beach. If conditions permit, we cruise to “Little Tobago” and “Goat Island”.

We cap off the evening at the Naturalist, celebrating our accomplishments with a well-deserved dinner.

Buffet breakfast served from 6:30am until 8:30am. 


Vegetable Rice, Lentil Peas, Baked Fish/Chicken, Fresh Salad, Fresh juice



Bhai Rice, Breadfruit Pie, Pigeon Peas, BBQ Fish/Chicken, Cold Slaw, Fresh Salad


The final page of our adventure unravels with buffet breakfast served from 6.30am – 8.30am. Then an easy 30 minute walk to the well-known “Castara Waterfall”.

A further 25 minute walk upstream and many rocks will bring us to "UPPER CASTARA WATERFALL", where Great bathing is enjoyed at these pools.

Back at The Naturalist where lunch is served before we prepare for our departure at the Port or Airport.

Buffet breakfast served from 6:30am until 8:30am. 


Saffron Rice, Macaroni Pie, Red Beans, Mixed Vegetables, Curry Fish/Chicken, Green Fig Salad, Fresh Salad

All-Inclusive cost indicated below includes accommodation in accordance to the type of rooms available, PLUS the following services below:

  • Maxi transport from Castara to Charlotteville

  • ​Boat transport in Charlotteville and boat drop off in Castara

  • ​Maxi transport from Castara to Speyside and back to Castara

  • ​Boat transport in Speyside

  • ​Breakfast for 3 days

  • ​Lunch for 3 days

  • ​Dinner for 3 days

  • ​Fully stocked bar for 4 days (soft and hard beverages



Persons wishing to participate in NTITT’s activities or events are asked to follow our payment method, ONLY then are your reservations officially confirmed.

Payment Process

Interested persons MUST pay a non-refundable initial fee of $2,000, before Wednesday 3oth June 2021, in order to be officially registered.

This down-payment  goes towards booking  the room of your choice. 

Second payment of $1,500 is to be made before Friday 30th July 2021.

Third payment of $1,500 (based on the room) is to be made before Monday 30th August 2021.

Final balance of payment (pending on room) is to be paid before Friday 10th September 2021.

Persons making the initial down-payment or full payment will be placed on a special WhatsApp group, so that the latest developments pertaining to the tour will be communicated.

For catering purposes, persons attending must state their dietary preference (fish/chicken).

For traveling purposes:

   1.  Arrangements regarding obtaining ferry tickets can be made, for persons seeking to travel this way.

   2.  Persons traveling on the ferry with their vehicle, must produce information of their vehicle number            and make.

 ​   3.  Persons coming to Tobago without transport, can arrange pick-up from the Resort at a cost of                  $120.00 per person round-trip.